At Oliver Law, we understand that not everyone can afford to pay for traditional legal services. Our goal is to provide moderate-income clients with an economic alternative to the old-fashioned system of high hourly rates and retainer costs. One of the things we do differently at Oliver Law is offer a variety of unbundled legal services.

Many individuals do not qualify for public or private legal assistance programs nor can they afford to pay for the full services of a lawyer. However, their chance of success in the legal arena may be enhanced by advice from lawyers who can supplement case management without dominating it. A lawyer who provides a client with some, but not all, of the work normally involved in litigation is said to be providing “unbundled” legal services. By this unbundling, a person who does not need, or cannot afford, full representation can receive some legal assistance.

When an attorney is said to be providing unbundled legal services, it means that he or she is providing the client only certain components of the full bundle of legal services during the course of the representation. Attorneys often refer to unbundled legal services as limited representation or discrete task representation.

To understand the concept of unbundled legal services, it is important to know what typically is included in the full bundle of legal services. The full bundle of legal services generally includes: (1) gathering facts; (2) advising the client; (3) discovering facts of the opposing party; (4) researching the law; (5) drafting correspondence and documents; (6) negotiating; and (7) representing the client in court. Unbundled legal services afford the attorney and the client the flexibility of addressing their legal needs and financial limitations by contracting for less than the full bundle of services.

Unbundled legal services, or limited scope representation, provides a way for you to afford high-quality legal services by paying for the exact services you need. Instead of hiring an attorney to advise and represent you through every step of a proceeding, which may end up costing a few thousand dollars, you may be able to complete portions of the process on your own. Although you would still benefit from guidance from an attorney, you may only need your attorney to draft some of the papers or make a court appearance, to make sure your interests are adequately represented. By unbundling legal services and representing you in a limited scope, Oliver Law, LLC can provide you with the exact legal help you need at a low flat-fee rate.