When To Hire An Attorney

Obviously, every attorney will recommend that you hire someone early on, preferably at the beginning of a case, especially because it’s easier for an attorney to make sure things run smoothly from the outset instead of trying to fix it later. However, the reality is that attorneys cost money and this isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, at…


What To Do When You Have A Child Custody Issue

Child custody, legally referred to as an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, is an area of specialty at Oliver Law. Whether you are seeking to get a custody order in place for the first time, modify an existing order, or do something as complicated as moving out of state with your child, we are here to…


Learn How to File For a Civil Protection Order

Today, we will discuss and give a general overview of the initial legal considerations parties must contend with when filing for a civil protection order in the state of Colorado. Civil protection orders or CPOs are civil cases brought by individuals in county and district courts. These protection orders should not be confused with other…


Filing for Divorce in Colorado

The video above is overview of some initial legal steps and considerations for filing for divorce in Colorado. The State of Colorado refers to divorce as a “dissolution of marriage”, and is a purely no-fault divorce state, meaning the court will not assign fault to either party for the divorce. Colorado is only concerned with whether…


Filing Fee Waivers

Learn how to apply for filing fee waivers in Colorado family law and divorce matters by watching Oliver Law’s latest webinar!


Unbundled Legal Services

Not everyone can afford to pay traditional legal fees. One alternative is unbundled legal services. Many individuals who do not qualify for public or private legal assistance programs also cannot afford the full services of a lawyer. However, their chance of success in the legal arena may be enhanced by advice from lawyers who can…


Colorado’s Modest Means Task Force Findings

In 2012, the Colorado Bar Association established a Modest Means Task Force to investigate the lack of access modest income families have to professional legal services. The task force produced a report highlighting the statistics and information they collected. Here are some highlights of their report. In the current legal environment, moderate income people cannot…